It’s easy to forget that Faithless have been around for so long until you step into Brixton Academy and are greeted by two monstrous blood-red LED numbers. ‘2.0’ is the sign, used in 2015’s twentieth year anniversary shows, but tonight they’re extending the celebrations.

The venue is shuddering from the outset, with ‘God is a DJ’ coming just three songs in, lasers firing from all cylinders. Whilst Maxi Jazz and Sister Bliss may be the iconic figureheads behind the electronica band, they bring with them a handful of instrumentalists who beef up their sound to press against the interiors, making Brixton’s near 5,000 strong crowd seem intimate. ‘Mass Destruction’ is given a brass band makeover and just as ‘Insomnia’ grinds to a halt, it gains a second wind along with the late 90s ravers who savour its final pulses. With little breathing space in between songs, the rave continues in first gear with ‘We Come 1’ ending the faultless set with a barrel load of laser beams. Think we’re exaggerating? Take a look at our photos from the night below.

Faithless 2

Faithless 3

Faithless 4

Faithless 5

Faithless 6

Faithless 7

Faithless 8

Faithless 9

Faithless 11

Words by Josh Shreeve. Photos by Ethan Weatherby.

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