Photos: Fat White Family at Plug, Sheffield

A month on from the release of their 2nd album Songs for Our Mothers, an exploration further to the centre of the filth that festers in their minds, Fat White Family descended upon Sheffield’s Plug. The London-bred group are auteurs of post-punk depravity, their live reputation (nudity and excrement in abusively liberal quantities) preceding them – which also explains the multitude of bouncers patrolling the barrier like nervous cage-masters. Saul Adamcezweski cuts a menacing shape, wielding an array of beautiful guitars and a death-stare. Appearing in a halo of strobe and clutching a pair of Guinness cans, Lias Saoudi is the worst possible messiah. More conductor than frontman, he contorts, howls and stirs himself into frenzy and Plug’s rabid crowd follow his lead. Utterly terrifying, utterly captivating.