Middle Distance’s show at The Old Blue Last was always going to be something special. Not only does it mark the release of their latest EP ‘Dahlia’ but it comes at the end of their first UK tour, playing a range of bars, house shows and acoustic sets. “My mum likes the EP” chuckles frontman Patrick Lewin as we sit in their dressing room backstage, surrounded by four walls of scrawlings from all sorts of bands. Drummer Alex Peal points out Nothing But Thieves amongst the mass of names, as the four piece hope to leave their mark not only on the venue’s interior but in its history.

IMG_1441-1IMG_1448-1IMG_1443-1Whilst a Sunday night in East London is unlikely to pull in the biggest crowd, it’s one that doesn’t just consist of the band’s friends and family. Exposure on Kerrang! Radio and recently supporting scuzzy rock band Yuck has formed a foundation of fans who’ve come to watch tonight. Support band Splurge joked earlier on “Everyone excited for Modern Discus?” but there’s no denying that they’re the catalyst for the sloppy mosh pit which opens up as soon as the first strums of ‘Same Time Next Week’ ring around the room.


Latest single ‘Coming Of Age’ impresses instantly with its catchy riff before 2015’s ‘Losing Colour’ gains an extra gear with the crowd singing the words back to the band. Ending the set on the trembling anthem ‘July’, Lewin and bassist Tim Loach plunge into the crowd. It feels climactic, but not before there are cries urging them to play one more song. “So the thing is we don’t actually have anymore songs” Lewin laughs before hurtling back into ‘Losing Colour’ one last time. The latest triumph on their journey, Middle Distance are proving they’re not just a middle of the road band.

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Words by Josh Shreeve/Photos by Juliette Carton