Photos: Swim Deep at Manchester Academy

The  Wolf Alice Spring tour has been a family affair, with their close friends Bloody Knees and Brum dreamers Swim Deep joining them for a night at Manchester Academy. It’s been nearly half a year since Swim Deep released their sophomore album Mothers, and in that space they’ve become tighter as a unit. They’ve firmly tapped into the vein of mental acid-house indie that they’ve been striving for, and the result is huge. ‘King City’ is a bold first move, booming out through the cavernous room and laying the ground for a medley of sunlight-drenched hits. In ‘To My Brother’ frontman Austin Williams swings his maracas like a new-age Bez, and ‘She Changes The Weather’ is a shimmering delight. No strangers to theatricality, the five-piece close their set with the insane ‘Fueiho Boogie’, an 8 minute dash down a techno-krautrock rabbit hole.

Photos by Ethan Weatherby.