Kick-off is in the hands of Superfood, a group born from the inoffensive-indie goldrush of 2014.  They’ve rejigged just about everything since then, becoming a duo and warping their sound into something jittery yet mellow. On record Bambino is all about effortless funk languor, but tonight Ryan Malcolm and Dom Ganderton tease it into vibrance. ‘Double Dutch’ hypnotises under hazy pink spotlights and ‘Natural Supersoul’ is a marvellous cut of slacker groove. Joining the Dirty Hit powerhouse must be good for your health, as Superfood seem like a band reborn; B-Town lives on.

One thing that should never be forgotten about Wolf Alice is that they work fucking hard. Gigs, festivals, foreign tours, recording, instores; the cycle seems to have been constant for the past four years and it’s turned them into something incredible. They found a way to live on when British indie entered recession, without falling onto cheap tricks like nostalgia. Sure, their shoegaze-riffing sound is planted in the 90s but they capture all the intensity of the desperate, youthful feeling of wanting to live in the now. ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’ has Rowsell perched on the lip of the stage with a disco ball turning the Apollo theatre, preaching to her devotees about new love conquering anxiety and reaching for their manic hands. It’s the kind of moment most bands never attain and it’s barely even halfway into the night.












Words and photos by Ethan Weatherby.

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