Photos: Wolf Alice at Manchester Academy

In 2015 Wolf Alice really stepped it up a level; selling out academies, silhouetted by a formation of large industrial lamps, they looked big and sounded even bigger. A year on and the notch has cranked up again. Not only have the tables turned with dear friends Swim Deep now supporting them, but they’ve honed in on an identity, mostly composed of glitter.

The quartet take to Manchester Academy’s stage in front of an audience which boasts double of what once-famed indie rockers Bloc Party could only gather just a few weeks before. The majority of the crowd too, sing every word back from start to finish, other than to pause for breath two songs in for ‘You’re A Germ’. Whilst singer Ellie Rowsell still looks perfectly awkward behind her guitar, she flicks Foo Fighter thick riffs to the heavier tracks, ‘Fluffy’ and ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’.

There’s moments of beauty scattered throughout the set too, in ‘Silk’ and ‘Blush’ which allow glitter to seep through the backdrop and capture a crowd who think they’ve been let off before hurtling into the monstrous ‘Giant Peach’. Next stop; arenas.

Photos by Ethan Weatherby and words by Josh Shreeve.