Need some new tracks to fill out your playlist a bit more or just bored of hearing the same old stuff? Here’s a small selection of the new releases we’re mad about this week.

Blaenavon – ‘I Will Be The World’

Blaenavon’s music has never quite felt cemented, floating around their GCSE’s and A-Levels in recent years but now they’re starting a new chapter. ‘I Will Be The World’ is the lead track off their long awaited debut album (which is yet to have a release date) and comes accompanied with a rustic video for Instagram thirsty hipsters. If it’s ricocheting guitars and perfectly fractured vocals are anything to go by, ‘I Will Be The World’ may not only be a name sake.


Loyle Carner – ‘Stars and Shards’

Ben Coyle-Larner has so far tread quietly, leaving only traces of a couple of hip-hop quips in his path. Don’t be fooled by the reggae tuned guitar though, Loyle Carner is bringing to light, and perhaps bringing the light out in much deeper issues (notably drug use, family loss and financial problems) through unheard of comparisons: “Cutting more lines than disabled kids up in Thorpe Park”.


Courts – ‘No Lie’

Basildon outfit Courts have been slowly climbing the slope from 9-5 lethargics to recoding studio workaholics as is evident in the lyrics for new track ‘No Lie’: “Don’t like work, nah never in the mood ‘cos I’ve got too much faith in the debut.” The band have maintained their get up and go mantra and the future looks bright.

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