2016 was a year to forget for a lot of reasons, and one of these reasons was the distinct lack of good quality guitar music it produced. However, Low Island have started the year off in a good stead with their EP Just About Somewhere. The four piece have a sound that’s very different from most recent guitar music but there’s clear inspiration drawn from fellow Oxford based groups, with similarities to early Foals, Radiohead circa In Rainbows and Pixel Fix.

The entirety of Just About Somewhere has a somewhat haunting feel to it, with soft and eerily high-pitched vocals soaring above intricate guitar work, frantic drums and some wailing synths. Highlights include final track ‘Recent’, which creeps steadily along with a chorus lined with pulsating synths, and ‘Disconnect’, a seemingly slow track, until it erupts in to brisk drum work that is reminiscent of that on Radiohead’s ’15 Step’, that completely changes the tempo of the piece. Not long off their previous work and the band are back with latest single ‘Holding It Down’, keeping our attention fixed on them. Doused in hazy synths and daydream vocals, we couldn’t let it go amiss.

With the group yet to amass 1000 likes on their Facebook page, they are in the very early stages of their hopeful rise up the music scene. However with a headline spot at Electrowerkz in London on April 21st, it’s only a matter of time before the band begin to turn a few heads.

Listen to our Track of the Week ‘Holding It Down’ below: