We first came across Nilufer Yanya when her woozy riff-thumping track ‘Keep On Calling’ ended up in our Mailbox Mix last year. Since then we’ve had our eyes on the promising 21-year-old talent from London.

With inspiration drawn from classic songwriters Nina Simone and Jeff Buckley, there’s no surprise that new track ‘The Florist’ blossoms with even more soulful vocals and a wave of unfurling guitars. The track explores the chase of getting a high only to come crashing back down to a lull and has a vibesy video to go with it which you can check out below.

Catch Nilufer Yanya at a number of festivals this summer including Festival L’Ere de Rien where she’ll be on the bill with Spring King and Childhood.

Listen to ‘The Florist’ and a bit more about Nilufer below:

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