Purely Burnt Sienna’s debut album Absolutely Nothing Artificial passes with flying colours. Born out of Peckham’s underground Punk-Jazz-Tap scene, this revolutionary album has a gritty vibrancy; what could be the lovechild of Blink 182 and Gregory Porter. With this unique mix of energy it’s no wonder there is so much hype around this young five piece band before having released their first album. Their rugged music is undermined by this bands online persona, whereby their aesthetics are more akin to your average girl band.

The first track on the album, ‘Taste the Difference’, wets your appetite as an introduction to the feast of instrumentation that follows. The subtlety of the brass sounds is punctuated by the neo-punk rifts that break out as a taster to what is to come. This then seamlessly blends into ‘Blue Balloons’, where front woman Bev Gallagher lets loose on some killer vocals.

The skill of the keyboardist Hunni Pottë, shines through with her innovative simulation of brass sounds, creating the jazz undertone that flows throughout. This is shown fully through the crescendo of ‘The Hypnotic Surfer’ as the brass section soars and grips you in its jazzy embrace.

‘Morning Snax’ is a high-point, boasting a tightly woven narrative and built off a bedrock of early Sex Pistols and even Ramones. Xan Axe takes the lead in a frenzy of angst, torment and anxiety that welcomes in the second half of the album effectively. Their interesting cover of ‘Silent Night’ introduces the melancholic tones that we know and love from their first single ‘Smooth Orleans’. The lyrics “I cried impulsively into the soup, listening to Keaton Henson’s moaning on loop” emotionally resonates with the listener.

The journey you are taken on through this album is testament to the talent of these young individuals; unafraid and unburdened by the norms.


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