Blossoms have done their fair share of shows over the past month, with few places being overlooked by the Stockport five-piece on this run up and down the country. Despite this considerable tour they still maintain a freshness that exudes promise upon whomever they perform to, and it’s not surprising they are forecast to be the next big thing in 2016.

The set launches straight into ‘Cut Me And I’ll Bleed’ which exercises  enchanting keyboard and guitars topped by a seductive vocal to create a memorable psychedelic pop sound, which instantly animates the crowded room. Straight from this buzz they progress into their most recent single ‘At Most A Kiss’ which prolongs the energetic mood, bearing the archetypal Blossoms sound in the suspenseful intro. Strong, emboldened lyrical statements such as “I was thinking you were always mine/We watched the skies fall down” are belted out by lead vocalist Tom Ogden, lending a potent quality to their arrangements that further fuels the crowd.

‘Across The Moor’ adds a groovy 80s pop vibe that allows everyone to loosen up. Interestingly, they also chose to preform WSTRN’S ‘In2’, having recently covered it in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. This choice adds a favorable segment to the evening and showcases their knack for moulding anything into their own.

The band conclude on ‘Blow’, a slightly older track but definitely a wise choice as the crowd eagerly chants and claps in unison as they bring the evening to a close, and they are soon audaciously flinging a few set lists into the mass of sweaty fans gathered near the front. After a sell out performance like that you cannot deny that Blossoms are five lads that hold a special knack for performing.


Photos by Gaz Jones.

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