After spending seven years promoting themselves and taking every gig they could get, it is not surprising why London based five piece Nimmo are unfazed by the crowd at The O2 Ritz. The front-women of the band, Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett, have an unrivalled chemistry, stemming from their friendship since childhood. ‘Dilute This’ is a firework display of dancefloor-pop perfection while lyrically it takes on the complex issue of a failing relationship as Nimmo and Gauntless sing “don’t love me vacantly’ over robotic retro synths.

The new single ‘Dancing makes us brave’ places Nimmo and Gauntlett’s vocals in the limelight. Seamless melodies and rich vocal tones go hand in hand with the bouncing melody. As a pop single it ticks every box: colourful, vibrant and lyrically relatable. As they performed the band noticeably loved every second of it, and watching this as an audience member is refreshing. Sarah Nimmo often crouched down to the crowd and smiled, while Gauntlett pointed to members of the crowd from behind the keyboard.

The cover of 2001 trance classic ‘Touch Me’ flaunts there flexibility; they would not be out of place performing to club-goers nor chart lovers or indie fans. Now signed to a major label Nimmo are undoubtedly set to attract a wide range of listeners and after a seven years endeavour no one can say they have not earned it. Their dance floor appropriate, electro-tinted sound is what pop so desperately requires right now.








Words by Will Fisher. Photos by Ethan Weatherby.


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