Live Review: Palma Violets at Sheffield Leadmill

Photo by Ethan Weatherby

Photo by Ethan Weatherby

Filling small venues and generating a raucous crowd is a skill that Palma Violets have mastered. Their ability to produce an electric atmosphere is second to none and a Sheffield audience at The Leadmill is the perfect catalyst to ignite this raw talent. Since their notable headlining of the NME Awards Tour earlier this year, the band have seen an influx of devoted fans, eager to go wild.

Before the band even come on stage, there is a clear divide in the crowd. The fans at the front; calmly and eagerly waiting for their favourite indie band to arrive on stage, and the adrenalin fuelled devotees searching the crowd to find the most likely place for the inevitable mosh-pits.

The indie four piece are met by an eruption of applause as they walk on stage. They swiftly begin with ‘Rattlesnake Highway’ from their debut album, which receives an overwhelming response that is maintained throughout the first half of the set. ‘Best of Friends’, their most famous release, goes down as expected: with a mosh-pit spanning the majority of the crowd.  This reaction is just as immense with tunes from their latest album. The LP’s title track ‘Danger in the Club’ again ignites a colossal mosh-pit with stage diving audience members.

Despite the pumped-up crowd there does seem to be a slight lack of vigour from the group – as if they have grown expectant of such responses. Although some communication is made to and from the audience, there appears to be a slight lack of flair to their stage presence between tracks.

The band close with their festive single ‘Last Christmas on Planet Earth’ a fun track, but not one that seems fitting for the sets conclusion. The band leave 10 minutes earlier which leads people to use their remaining energy on The Libertines which was being played through The Leadmill speakers. A disappointing end to an otherwise rip-roaring gig.

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