The VLM is volume.

Our aim at The VLM is simple. We want to keep you updated on the latest goings-on in the world of music. We primarily do this through newsreviews, and interviews, but we throw in a few features, playlists and the odd podcast episode as well.

Now when we said ‘the world of music’…
We particularly champion northern talent with our radar on: Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester.

It is not just the cracking music scene we want to champion in these cities though. We want to support upcoming music writers, reviewers and bloggers. If you reckon you fit into this category we want to hear from you! For more info on this head to our Write For Us page.

A little History:

The VLM was created in 2015 by Josh Shreeve who is now doing bits at Radio 1. You might hear him on Greg James’ show sometimes and on his Music x Football show ‘Off Pitch’ on Islington Radio.

The site is now run by Will Fisher and became localised to Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester in 2020, (sadly the SLM didn’t have the same ring to it). We want to ensure talent can thrive in the north and we want to give both musicians and writers a platform to be heard.


Email: info@thevlm.co.uk – or – thevlmmusic@gmail.com
Facebook: @thevlm
Twitter: @vlmmusic
Instagram: the.vlm

If you have any questions about contributing or featuring your music, then please check out the Write For Us page, where there are some FAQs.