Merging progressive jazz, euphoric symphonies and crooning vocals into an experimental R&B mashup; London-based producer Lucy Lu creates sounds that are quick to get obsessed with. Following the release of his latest single ‘Compos Mentis’ and after spending the majority of 2019 on the road – we caught up with Lucy Lu before he supported Loyle Carner’s return to the stage at Amsterdam’s Paradiso.

“I didn’t even get into music until I was 14” explains Lucy Lu, real name Luke Bower. Having not picked up an electric guitar until his attendance at The Brit School, the evolution into his current capacity is even more impressive.
“I started off just writing folk music with an acoustic guitar. When I left Brit, I just wanted to start a band with horns, violins, trumpets and stuff, this was probably my transition into interesting music”.

A strength of Bowers’ current portfolio comes from his variation in style, and much of this he thanks to his “prominent influence” of those he surrounds himself with. A member of Nilüfer Yanya’s live band, mates with both Loyle Carner and Rebel Kleff and having collaborated with Puma Blue, Harvey Causon and Gabriel Gifford regularly; Bower is not a man short of musical inspiration.

“I’m still producing all of my own stuff, but would love to find a producer to work with on one EP and change it up I guess. I’ve been touring all year long, and can’t wait to get back into writing with some space in January just to see what comes out. Being present in mind is important and something which I don’t think I have been this year. I’d love to just have that time I used to have back in the day in the studio, no fucking around!”

Bower is still finding the time to invest in his sound and describes ‘Compos Mentis’ as mirroring the ‘underlying theme’ in his ‘life of distance and travel’ but points towards the as-yet unreleased ‘Insomniac’ as his favourite track to date.

When asked about the possibility of a debut album coming soon, Bower, said: “it’s getting to that time where I just need to make an album. Whether it’s the right time for me, with enough people listening and enough people calling for it, I’m not sure. But you can’t create with strategy you know, you just gotta’ go with it.”

Bower has big ambitions when looking to future goals.“I would love to headline something in the US like ACL, Coachella or some shit like that or even Meadows in the Mountains in eastern Europe”.

For now though, Lucy Lu is currently building up to these slots with dates supporting Cat Empire in the UK & Spain next spring and a slot at Great Escape Festival next summer.

As a die-hard Liverpool fan, Bowers conversation drifts naturally towards highlighting the exploits of his team this season. It may be looking like Liverpool’s year in 2020 but with extended studio time, further planned collabs and increasing momentum behind his loyal following; Bower may just have double cause for celebration over the next few months.



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