London based singer, songwriter, and producer, Henry Dell, has written a brand new track, ‘HOT PINK’, for Pride Month. All funds from the single will be going to the charities, Choose Love and Say it Loud Club. We caught up with Henry before the release of ‘HOT PINK’ this Friday.

The VLM: Tell us a little about yourself and your music Henry.

Henry Dell: I am a musician from Brighton originally, but I now live in London and have done for the last six years or so. My music is Dance-Pop with a sassy, ‘social-commentary’ edge, I like to say. I started very young writing poetry, and then taught myself guitar and piano, and before I knew it I was writing songs. I have always been the biggest fan of music, and grew up listening to Madonna, John Denver, George Michael (and so many more), and was always so in awe of artists who tackle things from a unique angle. My debut track ‘2019’ got premiered on BBC Radio 2 last year and since then I have been writing and honing my sound. My music is about anything I feel passionately about: love, heartbreak, fighting for equal rights, dreaming, friendship, and everything in between. I love playing shows and seeing people dance and lose themselves in the emotion of the moment.

Can you tell us what inspired you to write ‘HOT PINK’?

I wrote ‘HOT PINK’ last year with my friend LLEO. She’s an incredibly gifted artist. We sat down and the song just kind of fell out of us, it’s always so beautiful when that happens. We were just having an honest conversation about the world. It was right after the news had announced that Brunei had implemented very strict anti-LGBTQIA+ laws, and we were deeply troubled by it. We had a really honest conversation about what it’s like as two artists being gay in the world right now, about how so much had changed but still so much needed to be done. We talked about what we would say to anyone who judged us if they were sat in front of us. That’s what the song really is, it’s a ‘letter’ to anybody who tries to tell you who you should be.

Choose Love and Say It Loud Club are the charities you chose to support with the proceeds from ‘HOT PINK’. Can you tell us a little about them?

Say it Loud Club I have known for a while now. They asked me to perform at an event last year and I was honestly so moved by the speeches throughout the night. Their members have been through so much, and it was truly inspirational hearing their resilience and heart. They work with LGBTQIA+ refugees, and are an incredibly kind and wonderful charity. They do such important work.

Through them I was introduced to Choose Love/Help Refugees who I have been a supporter of for a while. They are so vocal about change, policy and rights for all. This song to me, is all about how powerful love is in the end, against everything. So ‘choosing love’ and supporting them both seemed like a no-brainer.

It is Pride month and this year’s celebrations have been postponed. How important do you feel it is for the LGBTQIA+ community to stay connected during lockdown?

I think it is super important. A lot of people in the community go through a lot in their lives, and the world can be cruel to us sometimes. That’s why I think now, more than ever, we need to be cheering for each other, checking up on each other, listening, and supporting one another. There will be pride next year, and the year after. The real ‘pride’ is what we must carry around with us through every step we take in the world and give others the strength to follow. Also, the Black Lives Matter movement has been something that has gripped the world recently, and I think it has shown everyone what they can do in their own lives to end systematic racism and be more aware. I think the LGBTQIA+ community on the most part have been so vocal about this, and it really feels like a time when anybody oppressed or judged is rallying together. We won’t take it anymore.

What has been helping you to cope in lockdown?

Definitely food and a cheeky bit of red wine are high on the list! Mainly though, my supportive partner, my friends and family, and music. I have used this pause to reconnect with old friends, and learn to record my own vocals at home, I have a little studio setup now. I actually recorded ‘HOT PINK’ in my living room, and then sent it to my producer, James Grover, to mix my vocals. This will actually be the first song of mine released which I recorded myself, so I’m pretty pleased with that!

We hear you have got a new track coming out and that you have worked with someone we might recognise. Can you tell us more about this?

Yes I do… I can’t tell you who, but I will give you a hint. I am featuring on a Dance track with a well known DJ which will be here before the end of 2020. They are a bit of an icon in the community, and the song is a BANGER. I wrote it, and am singing on it. I cannot wait to get it out there!

And what’s next. Will we be hearing more music from Henry Dell soon after?

Absolutely. I have another Dance collaboration being released on 31 July, called ‘Care Less’. Then after that I have a few big secret projects and plan to be releasing music every few months now. I have so much material I am dying to get out there and perform. I really want to do a 2021 European tour, and get on the road. I feel like people are going to want to dance more than ever next summer, me included!

You can presave or pre order ‘HOT PINK’ now through this link.

And you can learn more about the charities it is supporting by visiting the Choose Love website and the Say It Loud Club website.

We wish everyone a Happy Pride Month!

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