Originating from Portland, Colorado:  Esmé Patterson kicked up the energy and unleashed her in-built rock ‘n’ roll spirit to the Leeds crowd in wake of album number three We Were Wild.

Like a painter it is clear how Patterson has opted to use colours and imagery to formulate the new album. Track ‘No River’ is a fine example of where she uses natural imagery to address the topic of impossible pressures people face, “I can’t keep running I’m no river” she sings over a jaunty melody.

“It’s exciting and terrifying releasing an album you care about a lot. You hope people like it, but you are also relieved when it is finished and released.” she admits. It is refreshing to hear such honesty, as many artists will only allude to the positives of making an album.

This honesty came across as she performed as well. Not opting for theatrics, Patterson is confident in her skills on stage and generally just talks about the meaning behind her songs before performing. The more country-rooted song ‘Bluebird’ is a gentle track from her concept album Woman to Woman which she told the crowd is sang from the perspective of Eleanor Rigby.

When performing songs from We Were Wild however, the country elements imbedded in her music take a back seat, and her natural rock n roll character comes out in force. The fusion of the two makes for a hearty performance which doesn’t come across quite as vividly in the records.

Recalling how she has developed this character over the years, Patterson explained, “I have had to learn how to be assertive. As a woman it is something that not is encouraged, to stand up for yourself.”

Formerly a member of the six-piece indie-folk band Paper Bird, Patterson explained how sexism in the industry has led her to be more forceful in her decisions as an independent artist. “People call you a bitch, or think you are insane or something. I have been working on my diva skills.”

You can catch Esmé Patterson supporting Frank Turner in venues across the UK up until 14 December before embarking on her headline tour across the US.

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