Renowned in the Manchester scene for being the city’s go-to videographer since being a young teen, SVMI stepped in front of the mic back in 2019 and has been creating riptides in the community ever since.

SVMI who has produced videos for the likes of Aitch and A1 has become a pillar of the rap scene in Manchester but has since drawn attention to himself as a skilled artist in his own right with huge singles ‘Bait Lies’ featuring A1 and P1 Caps and ‘Old Friends’ which combined have amassed over 3 million streams on Spotify.

His latest release ‘P.O.P (Hold It Down)’ is a flex of his capabilities, with a massive hook, and smooth production from frequent collaborator Litek, the track takes clear influences from LA but with that undeniable hometown edge.

The young North-Mancunian rapper has gone from strength-to-strength in the city and is primed for breaking beyond its borders with local rapper-turned-mainstream partner Aitch repping SVMI as one of the top five rappers to be emerging in the North West.

According to the press release, this single kicks off a string of releases which is an exciting prospect with SVMI already gaining co-signs from the likes of Mixtape Madness & GRM Daily.

Listen to ‘P.O.P (Hold It Down)’ below and get ready for SVMI to come flooding into the national airwaves like a tsunami in the near future.

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