This week it’s the comeback singles which have grabbed our attention. We pretty much have all bases covered here.

Banks – Fuck With Myself

The R&B goddess returns with her standout production levels and a subtle tone to back it. Despite the sharp statements that Banks fucks with herself more than anybody else, ‘Fuck With Myself’ appears slightly held back from the vocal tricks that we were treated to on the debut record. If there’s any reason for this, it’s because the camp are holding something extraordinary back for the coming months. For now, you’ve got innocent vocals stripping everything back and taking it back to  the beginning whilst also giving the chance for a “slut drop” here and there. It’s a promising return from the American-songstress but has left plenty of room for something to blow it all out of the water.

Honeyblood – Ready For The Magic

Are you ‘Ready For The Magic’? Honeyblood’s comeback single hits you right in the chest and grabs your immediate attention, supporting the lyrics “sparks fly when we collide.” And the collision is catastrophic. It’s a ballsy, initially intimidating love song that offers an overwhelming amount of confidence and lays down the unwritten rule that this duo are completely in control. We thought they were empowering with singles like ‘Killer Bangs’, but it’s nothing compared to the rock and roll anthem that they have created here. If this single creates sparks, the sophomore album is going to produce a nuclear explosion.

Justice – Safe and Sound

“Oh, Summer Sixteen” – Drake, Summer of 2016. This then became a phrase repeated around the world – only because we had a lack of anthems to play while we’re sat in the sun with a can of the cheapest drink we can get our hands on. Present day, Justice release this single and the UK now faces 30 degree heat. Ironic? Big choruses of singers open a heavenly electronic-inspired track supported by a symphony of high-noted stringed instruments and the subtle funk tones that flow elegantly in between. “Hold tight”, the angelic vocals sing at one point during the five-minute long song. It’s a warning. The summer has just become theirs and there’s no way they’re finished.



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