Thumping grooves from newcomers and a left turn for Warpaint in this week’s best songs.

WHITE – ‘I Liked You Better When You Needed Me’

On ‘I Liked You Better When You Needed Me’ WHITE are cut from the same tortured, synthetic genius of the Soulwax Nite Versions, throwing twisted shapes in seedy nightclubs. Jilted to the point of Byronic toxicity, this cut writhes and spits from the shadowy depths of glam. At face value they may seem cut out for glitzy numbers, yet WHITE are resplendent in these Lynchian dark corners. That these Scotts are still off the radar seems more ridiculous with each new release; it’s a salvo established bands should be fucking terrified of. – Ethan Weatherby


Warpaint – ‘New Song’

“Hi we made an album, it’s funky” Warpaint open with when announcing their new album. Suitably, they released a single called ‘New Song’ and god were they right. It’s definitely a funk-fuelled anthem that’s pouring out of those guitars. Something has happened over the last few years that has allowed them to scrap everything and create something extremely dynamic to them. Though the eery, melodic songs from the last records are something special, this one produces adrenaline and injects it straight in to your pulse. Who’s ready for Warpaint to hit this ball out of the park? Someone’s going to have to run fast and far if they’re going to keep up with this. – Connor Willis


Drones Club – ‘Shining Path’

Drones Club really aren’t for the faint hearted. After 4 minutes and 39 seconds of audible mess and a visual acid-tripping onslaught, ‘Shining Path’, is the latest single from the mysterious group. It’s a concoction of Glass Animals fuzzy vocals and Jungle’s multi-instrumental layers, set in a gooey Mighty Boosh fantasy. If that doesn’t begin to tickle the taste buds I don’t know what will. The longevity of Drones Club may be questionable but for now our eyes and ears are firmly glued to this project. – Josh Shreeve


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