Best of 3: October I

Courtesy of the brand spanking new Mailbox Mix in the weekly ‘VLM Hour’ over at Forge Radio, this week’s best of 3 come from some sonically beautiful upcoming bands of the indie variety.

Sweet White – ‘Genine’
Sweet White are a Scottish 6 piece, opening up the first Mailbox Mix. With a sauntering and heart wrenching beginning, Sweet White tell you exactly where they’re gonna go as reverb heavy guitars greet the gentle beginning for a chorus drenched in euphoria, ready for an arm-round-a-stranger’s-shoulder gig moment. The topic of ‘Genine’ takes to gender dysphoria, starting off solemn and blue, before building into a triumphant chorus outing acceptance and confidence.


Lewn – ‘Ride’
Wrapping up this week’s Best Of 3 is Lewn, with their atmospheric track ‘Ride’. ‘Ride’ is a slow burner, reminiscent of a Glass Animals/Foals mixture. On first listen, its intoxicating vibe almost sends you off into a light sleep with the brushing vocals traversing above the dreamy subtle drumbeats and sliding guitars. Lewn have conjured up a soundscape best suited for those days when the fog is deep, and the sun sets at 5pm.


Venus Demilo – ‘Bite My Tongue’
Following the indie-math rock recipe to a tee, Liverpool 4-piece Venus Demilo have debuted their latest single ‘Bite My Tongue’. With a sound likened to that of dream pop, Venus Demilo offer up a tremolo-heavy track nodding to the new era of indie with its delicate riffs and echoing vocals. ‘Bite My Tongue’ slots itself in with the mellow intricacies seen with the likes of The 1975, and with any luck is a strong indicator of what’s to come from the scousers.

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