They’re coming in thick and fast from London in our top songs of this week.

Nimmo – Dancing Makes Us Brave

There’s no doubt now that Nimmo are here to take all, set to sweep charts and clubs with ‘Dancing Makes Us Brave’. There’s no letting up on this one, channelling serotonin highs into trance-pop gold. Their dual vocals weave around the beat, mournful but celebratory, connecting for a hook which shamelessly evokes Robbie Williams in all the right ways with the solemn plea “I need to feel something that’s real.” London’s decaying nightlife has been bemoaned so frequently in the past month that it’s beginning to fall on numb ears, so to hear true resilience in the medium of the victims strikes a nerve – where do we stand if we have nowhere we can go to escape ourselves?

Junk Son – Over

One for fans of Dan Snaith’s Caribou wizardry, John Dunk stands out amongst the legion of bedroom producers. Under the moniker Junk Son, he draws something extraordinary from soupy electro ambience. ‘Over’ is a tropical haze of myriad synths and bass distortion that lap around crystalline female vocals, content to be headspace music or something to move to. Early days yet very promising.

HMLTD – Is This What You Wanted?

Formerly known as Happy Meal Limited, this pack of Londoners had to yield in the face of legal action from the big yellow arches. They’re now in the world as HMLTD and refuse to be cowed. They’re the kind of band that’ll make their name live, thrusting themselves into the limelight with unhinged glam-rock performances. ‘Is This What You Wanted?’ saunters up and down, driving and driving with the kind of taut metronome precision that LCD Soundsystem thrive on. Eventually the chains break and HMLTD are revealed, Henry Spychalski’s eye-rolling drawl twisting into a feral yelp. Vocally it’s straight-up David Byrne in the streets, Lias Saoudi in the sheets.

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