With new releases popping up left right and centre, it’s a shout-out to the solo artists for the best songs of this week.

Mabel – Thinking Of You

Mabel’s early 00s influenced R&B returns in its biggest form yet. Her openly confident lyrics create an embellished form of her older material as she opens with “Why can’t I tell if you’re in to me, I’m a nine, you’re a five.” Keeping to her softened vocal tone, the 19-year-old brings complete attention to her voice and the story she is telling, producing a more focused and honest homage to her influences. If ever there was any doubt that Mabel’s quickly becoming the lead runner in the competition, it becomes non-existent after ‘Thinking of You’. If you want harmonies, throwbacks and a new love song – this one has you covered. – Connor Willis 


James Vincent McMorrow – Rising Water

Fans of James Vincent McMorrow may be used to the soulful blanket of his serene vocals and tranquil melodies, but the Irish singer-songwriter has reformed his style with new single Rising Water. Debuted as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record, it deploys a rich bass and with the use of synths injects a refreshing RnB twist into his sound. It still possesses that ease of listening found in his old material but he takes that up a level and swoops in with a refreshing lift that goes down a treat. – Alisha Griffiths 


Tor Miller – Surrender 

New Yorker Tor Miller is gearing up for his debut album, and ‘Surrender’ is a radio-friendly leap forward. Everything goes big; keys and strings are pomped-up for a huge ballad with real cinematic flourish. Miller’s honeyed voice carries flecks of the blues and a Jersey twang; easy on the ear but powerful when he flexes his register. There’s definitely a polished ‘American Idol’ sheen to Miller to get past but that will play in his favour when it comes to the charts, and like other artists on the Glassnote roster he’s perfect for the crossover into mainstream.  – Ethan Weatherby


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