It’s finally starting to feel like summer isn’t it? Here’s three songs to soundtrack your BBQs and booze-fests this week.

Beck – Wow

There’s never been a bigger left turn than this: Beck. Beck doing hip-hop. ‘Wow’ is the antithesis to his album Morning Phase’s folk-fugue; picture Beck wildly dabbing as he burns all his stringed instruments. It’s got all the bells and whistles of trap, with A$AP vocal slurs understated air horns – still keeping it low-key but slinky. Beck’s mockery of pop-culture is brazen, ribbing on Kanye’s garage karate and West Coast models. It’s frenetic and twitchy, progressing like its crashing through the rooms of a hedonistic and opulent mansion party. There was even meant to be a Chance feature on this. Incredible.

– Ethan Weatherby

The Avalanches – Frankie Sinatra

The Avalanches are back with a Ska-riddled track under the name of ‘Frankie Sinatra’. Accompanied by brass instruments, the newly released single offers a massive sing along with classic hip-hop beats that transform in to a whirlwind of emotion that makes you want to shake your leg and bop that head. After a 16 year wait, we’re treated to samples of Mary Poppins and just a real bizarre mix of genres. It really shouldn’t work, it should be terrible but there’s something about it that just makes it incredibly up lifting. 

Connor Willis

The Strokes – Drag Queen 

Another long awaited return, and this time from indie royalty – The Strokes. With their sound building across the last couple of records, Drag Queen seems almost futuristic but with the classic vocals of Julian Casablancas added on top, like some kind of familiar feel that comforts us and suggests that not everything is going to change. It’s an intense listen that consists of floating chords with no gravitational pull, instead surrounding you with a real out of this world vibe which is surrounded by everything from early 90s grunge to the synth-based melodies that we became so used to from the likes of Depeche Mode. If they are giving us an idea of what to expect with future releases, they’re leaving it wide open. You’ll be forgiven if you really don’t understand what’s going on. 

– Connor Willis

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