It’s been a rough day; with our Best 3 songs this week you can wallow in Brexit Blues with Metronomy and Keaton Henson, or try and shrug them off with Daniel Wilson’s disco smoothness.

Keaton Henson – Alright

It’s easy to liken Keaton Henson to an art installation: the public watching from a distance with morbid curiosity as a man pulls shrapnel out of his frail heart. The first offering from new album ‘Kindly Now’ is ‘Alright’, a swelling crooner that tugs on violin and heart strings. Allusions to agoraphobia and a relationship with a fellow performer offer a fresh perspective on the notoriously reclusive Henson, beyond his moody stereotype. For so long his light’s flickered dimly, now it’s starting to brighten again.

Daniel Wilson – Sinner Of The Week

On ‘Sinner Of The Week’, Wilson’s a practitioner of restrained disco, more 80s than the A-Team in velour tracksuits. You could imagine finding the beat in Blood Orange’s offcuts; slick but still packing charismatic soul in buckets. Born from an upbringing of gospel choir and all the range of Sam Smith’s pipes, Wilson’s smooth vocal is crying out for its own Disclosure feature – one of the duo actually lent his production talents to Wilson’s forthcoming EP.

Metronomy – Night Owl

Joseph Mount’s gone nocturnal, too caught up in nostalgia and bitterness to decide if he wants to make a dance number out of ‘Night Owl’s summer fugue. The reflective track is a falter in Metronomy’s extroverted swagger, regret pervading the jaded funk basslines and firefly keys twinkles. Mount describes an old flame in his hushed apathetic, though he’s not as distant as you imagine he’d like to be.

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