Best of 3: Songs This Week May III

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All of this week’s picks are returning Brits. Have a listen to some massive new tunes below.

Glass Animals – Life Itself

‘Life Itself’ is the first bite into Glass Animals’ sophomore album which is landing this summer. It’s all taut jungle drums and choppy guitars, punctuated by colourful explosions of towering electronics, which bite hard. Glass Animals also still boast the world’s sexiest vocal to ever come from a man called Dave. Joking aside, Dave Bayley’s writing has become sharper, pulling more killer one-liners –“Northern Camden’s own Flash Gordon”- and hooks out of his decoupages of abstract hedonism. Nothing’s been lost since their debut Zaba: the Ofxord group continue to be unrelentingly and unapologetically funky.

– Ethan Weatherby

Stone Roses – All For One

May has provided music fans with some of the most exciting moments in recent musical history. One of these is undoubtedly the return of Manc heroes The Stone Roses. A wait of over 20 years has finally ceased with the arrival of new single ‘All For One’. Despite the lyrics being a tad underwhelming, the song is undeniably catchy and the signature Stonies jangle pop guitars return with a rip-roaring riff. “All for one, one for all,” howls Ian Brown in his typical Mancunian fashion, it feels like a call for Roses fans to reunite, and most seem to be listening.

– Ben Robinson

Metronomy – Old Skool

Joseph Mount is one of the only existing millennials who is allowed to use the term ‘Old Skool’ and get away with it. Thankfully nothing’s changed for the Metronomy man and he’s just as sprightly as ever in this comeback single. Sounding as if it’s just been plucked from a backseat cassette collection with more than subtle throwbacks to 2008’s ‘Nights Out’. Metronomy are back, and whilst they’re putting touring on hold for now, the appropriately named forthcoming album ‘Summer ’08’ may be enough to transport fans back to their favourite memories of them.

– Josh Shreeve

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