I’d say we get a good amount of attention… although I’d love more.” singer Paul Klein laughs along with band members Les Priest and Jake Goss as he hides his head, realising what he’s just said. “That sounds bad.” However you can’t dispute the fact LANY are getting a good amount of attention lately. Just ask any one of the 150 or so fans queuing up outside Manchester’s Sound Control hours before the doors even open.

Only 18 months ago LANY were still yet to play their first ever live show. Now, after performing over 200 shows last year, an extensive European and North American tour currently underway, these guys are becoming quite prolific. “I guess things are going pretty well,” Klein says through the mass of hair covering one half of his face, “We like people appreciating what we’re doing and we simply wanna play for as many people as possible.

LANY recently released their ‘kinda – EP’, a breath of innocence mixed with tales of woe, long distance relationships and questioning friendships, all over dream like synth melodies and the occasional guitar hook thrown in for good measure. For an EP that’s only been out a few short months, you’d expect this show to be a taster of their new material and gaining a feel for how it translates live. However this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Each song, no matter whether old or new, is greeted with an almost ear piercing scream from the crowd and each word Klein sings is sang back without hesitation. They start off with the two singles from the EP, ‘yea, babe, no way’ and ‘WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS’, a bold move from the trio who are keen to push the envelope on what it means to be a band in 2016.


We don’t wanna be one of those bands where you can just go ‘Oh you sound exactly like that band’, we want to sound like 2016.” asserts Klein, “I want LANY to look, sound and our overall presence to be the time we’re living in. I mean, we’re robbing ourselves of an opportunity to define what our generation sounds like if all we do is keep throwing it back.” LANY are clearly passionate about connecting to millennials with their music.  You can hear some nods to the 80s in their music but it’s nothing as obvious as calling your album 1989. “Is music from this generation just going to be remembered as bands trying to sound like the 80s? Because I don’t want that.” We all agree.

Halfway through the show LANY are keen to introduce themselves to the sold out crowd as they’re still getting used to playing to a room full of people who know who they are. Drummer Goss looks like an extra from the Karate Kid and Klein decides to finally take his hoody off, he wouldn’t feel the benefit otherwise, and they quickly carry on rattling through song after song becoming more and more appreciative of the crowd.

A voicemail from a concerned parent echoes around the room while Klein reluctantly mutters ‘this is our last song’ and the crowd instantly know what it’s going to be. ‘ILYSB’ was the first song the trio successfully wrote together. The song which set a precedent for everything that followed and lyrics which could easily sit side by side to one of Drake’s dancehall hits. They cite Drake as a large influence on what the band choose to do next. “I think Drake is the most 2016 artist in the world. His instrumentation, his beats, what he talks about, it’s very 2016 and I appreciate that about him. He chooses to put 20 songs on a record and that’s kinda how it should be, people wouldn’t of dared to do that 20 years ago.

Once they leap back on stage for an encore we think what’s next for LANY. They tease at collaborating with other artists before rushing out their debut record. “Snakehips reached out and sent us a few instrumentals to see if we could work something over it but yea we’re kinda busy at the moment so we’ll have to see.” They play a few downbeat songs from their back catalogue but end their triumphant set with ‘Hot Lights’. The first song they released, a slow jam with booming drum sounds and an unexpected sax breakdown which sends most of crowd into a frenzy when they realise the show is actually over. The only thing the crowd are left waiting for now is the ever looming debut album which couldn’t come quick enough in their eyes.

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