Supporting London Grammar on their sold-out UK tour and on the verge of releasing their long awaited debut album, it is exciting times for Lo Moon. We got chance to catch up with lead singer Matt Lowell prior to their gig at Rock City in Nottingham.

2017 has been a huge year for the LA based three-piece and Lowell suggests that this current tour is the highlight thus far. “It came from a very natural place” says Lowell, about the bands formation with Sam Stewart and Crisanta Baker (multi-instrumentalists). “We had all had these kinda different projects going on and when we got together, we got really excited about it”. The development of Lo Moon into the current outfit was, for Lowell, based around pulling out “lushness, beauty and emotion” in all of their music with influences from The Blue Nile, Radiohead and Springsteen.

Lo Moon opened their set to a packed-out Rock City (accompanied by Sterlin Laws on drums) with their recently released single ‘Thorns’. The soft recurrent introduction immediately drew in the crowd. The track then plunged into its sanguine chorus, with Baker switching effortlessly between bass and keyboard. The cyclic nature of the song between lugubrious verse and hopeful chorus is no coincidence with Lowell commenting: “the track has a real hope in it that when you are in a relationship, you will stick it through the tough times”.

Lowell then switches to keyboard for ‘This is it’. The “lushness and beauty” that the band aspires to compose is evident in the delicate vocal introduction, ramping up to a more intense peak of high percussion and multi-vocals. The crowd are then treated to two unreleased records full of turbulent riffs, and intense percussion running throughout. Fans can expect a true insight into the heart of Lo Moon from the debut album, which Lowell promises is coming early next year.

‘Loveless’ concludes a well-polished performance, a track that Lowell described as the “guiding light when making the album”. As Lo Moon’s most successful track to date, this 7-minute long anthem bombards the crowd with heightening crescendos and reflective lyrcis. ‘Loveless’ had been a project five years in the making and the end to this journey was only reached when Lowell was convinced he had “emotionally captured something that was true”. This epitomises one of Lo Moon’s most refreshing attributes: patience. If it ain’t good enough, it ain’t ready.

When asked about their dream show, Lowell suggests that Glastonbury with Springsteen would fit the bill. With a European tour in progress, a debut album on the horizon and another solo tour planned – Glastonbury may not be such a pipe dream for this three-piece, although getting Bruce to come along could be a little more tricky.

Listen to the single ‘Loveless’ below: