Break Fate were forged in late 2017 by lead vocalist Mashana Malowa, and guitarist Ricky Thompson, before being joined by their drummer Oliver Cartwright. 

Inspired by bands such as Knuckle Puck, Tiny Moving Parts and Mallory Knox, the London trio  debuted singles ‘Miraculous’ and ‘Blackout’ in 2018 before working on their debut Ferocity which landed at the start of this month.

The band “are drawn to writing music that is hopeful but yet is still grounded by introspective struggles,” said Cartwright.

While their sound retains a classic level of rock and angst, their method of writing helps keep them on top of the game, especially with the enforced distance applied from the pandemic.

“We live quite far from each other, so once we have some lyrics on a page, we start crafting the music and vocal melodies through our phones until we have enough parts to hit the rehearsal room,” said Cartright.

Ferocity is fuelled by themes of self doubt, heartbreak and existential crisis, and is a beacon for the continued success of the classic guitar-led rock band. The album highlight ‘Fog’ is a punchy joy-ride about overcoming anxieties and is a massive pick-up track for tough days.

Break Fate hope to get back on the road and touring the UK as soon as possible.

“People have been asking us when we’re gonna start doing shows so we’re coming to where those people are” said Cartright.

In the meantime you can play their debut on repeat and wait for a UK tour to become a reality.

You can stream Ferocity here and listen to ‘Fog’ below.

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