Despite having only one official single release to their name, The Red Stains have already been hailed as “a band to listen to”, by The Charlatans frontman and all-round music guru, Tim Burgess.

This may not be the most detailed of praises, but Burgess aint’ wrong. The Manchester four piece are a promising high octane punk band for the 21st century. With moody riffs and the turbulent vocals of Natalie Emslie, The Red Stains posses the best qualities from the golden era of punk but with the added dimension of punchy synths.

‘Mannequin’ which was released on 24 April, is a low-fi anthem with a prowling build up and an explosive climax. The track discusses objectification, inadequacy, and rejection through tongue and cheek lyrics.

“Chaotic, unpredictable, and a bit like spam,” is how the band describe their sound, which is not a bad way to describe our current world order either. A true band of the times.

The Red Stains plan to write and record new music this year and ‘hope to get back into gigs as soon as possible’.

For now though, keep your ears pealed for new music and stream ‘Mannequin‘ here.