FKA Twigs recently released her Instagram zine, AVANTgarden, formatted for the new swipe feature of the platform, but she is not the first to dabble with DIY mags, many artists before her have had a go at creating their own print, here’s a few of the best.

  1. Sampha: Shy light

What’s in it: The 32-page zine includes: a collection of personal photos, song lyrics from Sampha’s Mercury Winning ‘Process’, and images of his hometown in Sierra Leonne.

What makes it so great: The Zine is a collaboration between Sampha and designer Grace Wales Bonner and much like ‘Process’, Shy Light is effortlessly stunning.

Where you can get it: It is now sold out online but if you want a peek, an online preview remains available here.

  1. Frank Ocean: Boys Don’t Cry

What’s in it: Boy’s Don’t Cry is full of big-name features, from Tyler the Creator’s poem about cars to Kanye’s ode to McDonalds, there is endless content to feast your eyes on.

What makes it so great: With 360 pages, ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ is packed with content, including exclusive photos of Frank Ocean; there are even images of Kanye collecting his beloved McDonalds.

Where you can get it: Initially Frank was giving them away at pop up shops to accompany the release of ‘Blonde’, however they are now selling on Ebay for £500, a price to make anyone cry.


    1. The XX: It could be love

What’s in it: Made In collaboration with photographer Alasdair McLellan, this photobook zine is image heavy and includes pictures of the band at the ‘On Hold’ video shoot.

What makes it so great: It’s basically 24 pages featuring all things XX, what else do you need to know?

Where you can get it: ‘It Could be Love’ was originally on sale for £25 on their store but has since sold out and is listing at £50 on Ebay.

    1. INHEAVEN – Self Made Fanzines

What’s in it:
These mini zines created by Chloe Little from INHEAVEN, feature a mix of pop culture icons including Bowie and Kate Bush along with the occasional candid shot of the band.

What makes it great: These heavenly zines are true DIY, designed by the band, and usually signed by them too.

Where you can get it: You can often buy one from an INHEAVEN gig, but they can also be bought online as part of a bundle with a CD, Cassette or Vinyl.

    1. Rejjie Snow: The Moon and You

@rejjiesnow Day 🙏🏽 FULL SUPPORT Dispo sur le site 🍇🍇🍇

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What’s in it: Poems and images of the Dublin Rapper can be found throughout ‘The Moon and You’

What makes it great: It’s a digital zine so is easily accessible and is a great accompaniment to Rejjie Snow’s mixtape of the same name.

Where you can get It: It is available online here along with the download link to the mixtape.

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