Glass Mountain are a throwback to a fonder time in alternative rock, when it was possible to defend Coldplay (A Rush of Blood to the Head) for big ‘ol power chords and shameless stadium drumming. The notion of Chris Martin is enough to kill anyone’s buzz, but their first release ‘Glacial’ is far removed from this, running itself off the beaten track of paint-by-numbers indie power ballads and chart fodder. Despite a smear of reverb, every drum crash and slow-burn riff is carefully placed, with singer Harry Hanson painting his words in warm tones “Can you crave me like I crave you?/Crawl into my veins/There’s always a space.” It’s well produced with a wholesome, earnest sound – hard to believe that it was sculpted in a cellar in Bradford.

Glass Mountain play their debut gig on the 15th of April at Headrow House, Leeds, and will play the 360 Club in Leeds on June 10th.

The GLACIAL EP is out on June 10th – listen to ‘Glacial’ below.

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