A stout-hearted, straight talking northerner with no theatrics; Georgie is the real deal. Performing at The O2 Academy Sheffield, it is apparent this 21-year-old from Mansfield is rock n’ rolls budding salvation.

“I was brought up in a house surrounded by great music like Fleetwood Mac, Don McClean and Aretha Franklin” Georgie explains, “That planted the seed and I picked up the guitar when I was 14”. It is clear that she is fanatical about classic icons, and states her influences as “strong females like Patti Smith, Janis Joplin, and Stevie Nicks.” These inspirations shine through in her performance, her first track ‘Wild Cat’ boasts her distinguishing voice which echoes the husky tones of her female idols.

Elvis Presley is also a noted guidance to a young Georgie especially when it comes to first playing the guitar, as she explained, “I went to my uncle’s house and he was playing me all these old Elvis songs, that was quite a moment, I got into him more as I first started playing guitar.” Her ardent passion for the instrument radiates, “I just fell in love with the guitar, I never had it out of my hand and I still don’t.”

Her first and only single to date ‘Company of Thieves’ has slick soulful production courtesy of Mathew E White which compliments the fierce delivery by Georgie, and her profoundly honest song-writing. “It’s a direct song, the finger was definitely pointed at somebody, who I can’t name” – pity that anonymous person at the end of the finger. “The line ‘lying in the company of thieves’ was more general though, we’ve all been amongst people that have mugged us off.”

This northern sensibility is what makes Georgie particularly refreshing, and relatable. On stage she has no frivolity, just an intoxicating presence, and a voice, inimitably raw and untainted. Reminiscing of her first gig Georgie recalls, “It was in a pub in Mansfield, I failed my history exam the next day, because I was up too late.” Her history thus far in the music industry however is A+. She is backed by BBC introducing, signed to a major label, and supporting both Jake Bugg and Blossoms on their UK tours all with one released single to her name. An Impressive feat.

It is apparent that Georgie will soon attract mass attention. The seed planted at the age of 14 when she first picked up that guitar has sprouted, and is now growing at an incredible rate.


Photo: Navya Hebbar

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