Off Bloom are afraid of the internet. At least that’s what the Anglo-Danish trio’s hoodies state in various promo shots. And who can blame them? The internet is scary as shit. We rely on it completely though. My whole career, and this article depend on the web in fact. We don’t take enough time to stop, think, and discuss our obsession with this immortal force which has the whole world shackled in cyber chains. Off Bloom want to get this conversation started.

Off Bloom formed in Copenhagen in 2015 and the following year they released Love To Hate It their debut EPThe collection of tracks are inspired by both their natural surroundings and the Scottish electronica scene with artists such as Hudson Mohawke being clear influences.

The trio’s latest music retains this powerful energy reminiscent of Mohawke but instead of nature as a founding influence, it is cyberspace, and more specifically their fear of the world’s internet obsession.

A lot of things about the internet are scary, but for me the most frightening is how it’s interacting with society,” says lead vocalist Mette Mortensen.

“Our relationships are becoming depersonalised and our characters as well. You live this life on the internet that is not really you. You are supposedly connecting with one big mass of people but you’re not truly connecting with anyone,” adds Alex Flockhart, one third of the trio.

Recently the band’s concerns of the web and of social media have been occupying both their minds and their music.

Off Bloom’s latest (banger-of-a) single ‘Are You Feeling It Too?‘ addresses the groups cyber-anxiety directly. In the opening verse to the track, Mette sings: “I don’t need that stuff inside my head. At the moment I’m not feeling that productive and officially afraid of the internet.”

Feeling deflated from social media is mirrored in their track, ‘Am I Insane?’ which hits on Instagram’s tendency to “make you feel like a statistic,” as third member, Mads Christensen puts it.

“I think a lot of people have similar feelings towards social media but it’s not really something we discuss enough because it’s still something we all worship. That is why we want to talk about it,” says Mette.

Off Bloom take pride in talking about observational issues throughout their music.

“The best pop music comes from honesty and it’s about looking to how you feel with these issues,” says Alex.
“It is really important that we disagree and we’re able to talk to each other about what is going wrong with the world,” he adds.

Off Bloom in front of computers

Its behind you!: Off Bloom are “officially afraid of the internet”

As well as taking pride in their approach to writing music, it is clear Off Bloom take pleasure in being creatively independent. On top of writing and producing their music, they have taken the plunge (quite literally) into visual arts – self directing the video for ‘Are You Feeling It Too?

The idea for the video began when the band read a local story about someone who had organised a rave in a swimming pool. One laser-filled pool, multiple funky moves from Mette and a touch of wavey editing later and Off Bloom had their video sorted. It was not as simple as it sounds though.

“It was actually super stressful,” admits Mette.
“We only had a limited time to be in the pool and we were all over the place, but when we finished it felt like a huge accomplishment realising this idea on our own.”

This year Off Bloom achieved another great accomplishment – their first headline tour. They have supported Dua Lipa and ALMA in the past but ‘The Insane Tour’ of Europe last month which culminated at London’s Electrowerkz was their first solo outing.

“We’ve just been so happy and also so moved by all the people who bought tickets to come and see us. It feels very special for us,” says Mette.

For now though Off Bloom made it clear that touring time is on hold while they work on their debut album. In Bloom is the working title for the album and it is set for release next Spring.

“We also have some tracks ready to go and we are just figuring out when to release them,” says Alex.

Hopefully the tracks will be reaching our ears before any cyberspace apocalpyse heads our way. But if the world does descend into some digital dystopia, Off Bloom should curate its official soundtrack. And I for one, want to be listening from a laser-filled swimming pool.








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