It’s been a busy month of touring for Gengahr following the release of their second album ‘Where Wildness Grows’ and on Tuesday night they paid Manchester’s Gorilla a visit. 

Opening the show with ‘Is This How You Love’, the third track of the album, the venue spiralled into their world of psych grooves and swirly guitar effects. Following the energetic start to the night, fans were cheering to the instantly recognisable old favourite ‘Heroine’. It didn’t take long for feet to be jumping along to the aggressive yet smooth guitar solo from band member John Victor.

Things only got better from then on, the band relentlessly delivered what can only be described as a near-perfect live performance. Lead singer Felix Bushe’s unique vocals sounded cleaner than ever and the band as a whole were faultless. They left the stage after the dreamy ’Lonely as a Shark’ to the dismay of the mesmerised audience who immediately called for an encore. The crowd were not let down, they couldn’t leave without playing ‘Carrion’. 

The darkly powerful track brought the night to an explosive end, the band dripping with sweat and the crowd leaving the venue buzzing. If the gig has taught us anything, it’s that you’d never want to miss the opportunity to see Gengahr live.










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