Introducing their set with a track from their new album ‘United Crushers’, Poliça successfully create a contrast between fast tempo (courtesy of duelling drummers) and Channy Leaneagh’s ethereal vocals. There’s something unmistakably hypnotic about Leaneagh’s graceful dance moves, which are so in keeping to the music. Halfway through the gig, she refers to her performance as an out-of-body experience, matching the way she floats about the stage, eyed closed and arms contorting.

The set-list was almost all entirely from their new album bar a few old favourites, which managed to make the cut, ‘Dark Star’ being a highlight of the night. Leaneagh’s vocals brought calm to the heavy sounds, creating a dreamy concoction. ‘Lime Habit’ was a party for the ears, sending the crowd into a mass of heads lolling. The band was modest and grateful, seemingly unaware of their talent. It was an exercise of pure delight in performance.





Words and photos by Ruth Baldry.

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