The ultimate setlist for Foals’ gigantic tour


Foals no longer need any introduction. Voted best act in the world by Q magazine last year, after releasing their fourth straight successful album ‘What Went Down’, the band are one of the biggest around at the moment. They are notorious for their brutal live performances and with their upcoming UK and European tour, it seems more than appropriate to try and whittle down all the hits in to one ‘Ultimate Setlist’. Now, although Foals usually round off at 12-14 songs, the ‘perfect set’ is a 15 song stomper. Let’s begin:

1. Snake Oil   

Flying Start. The 6th song from ‘What Went Down’. A monstrous track with heavy drums and beastly guitars. Gets the audience’s juices flowing.

2. Balloons

Return of the Math. An early single off first album ‘Antidotes’. A math-rock piece, with frantic guitar work, different to the first, not as colossal, but just as fun.

3. My Number

The Pop Piece. A joyous, bouncy sing-a-long. Sure to be popular with any audience.

4. Mountain At My Gates

The Crowd Pleaser. Foals second single from the latest album is another energetic number, that’s certain to please the fans.

5. Olympic Airways

For the FIFA Fans. A slightly slower piece, but a stunning one. Allows a brief and beautiful respite from the madness of the first four.

6. Total Life Forever

No Rest for the Wicked. Beefier and chunkier live. Brings a new life to the already fantastic album version. The relief didn’t last long.

7. Red Socks Pugie

The Setlist Stalwart. Their most played live track. Again bigger and brasher.

8. Inhaler

The Floor Filler. This titanic track marked a change of direction for the group with deafening guitars and crushing drums, it will never go amiss from a live set.

9. Spanish Sahara

All of the Lights. This song usually comes with an astonishing light show. A beautiful, solemn number that grows to a shimmering finish. A mesmerising letup in a thumping set.

10. Night Swimmers

The Wildcard. Never before played live, but why? Arguably the best song from the recent album. Watch out for the guitar hook at 2:18.

11. Hummer

‘I knew them before they were big’. One for the old fans. Some more quick-paced, frenzied math-rock brilliance.

12. Providence

Bangers and Mosh. ’I’m an Animal just like you’. This song is a mammoth. Prepare for the mosh.

13. The French Open

The Rare Treat. This song is a rarity in the setlist nowadays. The perfect encore start up. Get the feet and lungs going again as fans chant ‘Un peu d’air sur la Terre’.

14. What Went Down

The Mighty Meaty. Foals fans know they are in for a big finish. This, the penultimate, is just as immense as the finale. You’ll barely be breathing by the finish.

15. Two Steps, Twice

The Show-stopper. This could never be replaced as the finale. So much heftier than the album version. So much fun. It doesn’t get better than this.

Foals go on European tour on 26th January and eventually return to the UK for a few dates on February 10th. They should not be missed.

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