It’s all well and good us writing about music but it all means nothing if you can’t hear it.

Here is our second instalment of our playlists that recap the best releases in the month gone by.

It has been an uncertain month out there but one thing that has held true in March has been some cracking music releases.

Our March playlist features the return of the The Killers, a sporty surprise from punk band Dream Wife, and a pop masterclass by Dua Lipa.

We also have some releases from the best up and coming bands across the north including Aquilo, Everything After Midnight and All We Are.

You can listen to our playlist by clicking on the headphones above or by playing below. So, put the kettle on, turn your speakers up and delve into our best tunes from the month.

About The Author

Will Fisher

Journalism graduate from The University of Sheffield, all-round music dweeb, and mac 'n' cheese enthusiast.

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