May has seen things go from batshit crazy to holy-hell-get-me-off-this-planet crazy. There’s really no adjectives left to describe these months anymore, I don’t know why I try. Musicians have largely given up with the whole ‘lets take your mind off it’ vibe, and instead opted to cannon-ball into the mayhem. And its has been hideously glorious.

Charli XCX put her flag in the ground, delivering the first lockdown album to the world and she didn’t go in half-arsed either. The gorgeously glitchy album is a true beacon of 2020. We then had some huge names come in all guns blazing. The 1975 finally gave us the marathon that was Notes on a Condition Form and just when we were losing our will to live, let alone dance, Lady Gaga sprung to action by inviting us into the world of Chromatica to dance, cry, and even vogue together.

As always our northern talent has done us proud as well with some fireball singles from the likes of The Mysterines, Pacific and Self Esteem.

Check out our musical highlights from the past month in this neat little playlist made just for you. Click below or on the headphones at the top to listen.