Twitter Reacts: Foals Release New Single ‘Mountain At My Gates’

There’s a moment in most Foals songs which propels them into another planet, another dimension, probably amongst the intricate abstract patterns that form frontman Yannis’ attire these days.

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‘Mountain At My Gates’ is no different. Yannis continues his madman status from last single ‘What Went Down’ with delusional lyrics of “I see a mountain at my gates, I see it more and more each day.” Three minutes in though when Jimmy Smith plucks the dust off with thick riffs, Philippakis is in rejoice and there lies that uplifting, propelling force we’re all to used to from the Oxford outfit.

As with recent work, there’s no whiffs of 2007 math rock-obsessed ‘Antidotes’ and instead a clear line of symmetry is beginning to form between Foals last two albums. With their latest single, the band have taken the powerful vocals from 2013’s ‘Holy Fire’ and thrown them in amongst the groove of ‘Total Life Forever’ (2010).

Let’s see what the Foals faithful made of it:

Some have gone mad for the new tune:
Some have gone mad for the new tune:


Others missed the definitive moment:

Some fans were blown away by Yannis’ vocals:

Others were more focused on his ability to excrete…

But overall the shit for some people, was not from Yannis’ arse but from his mouth.

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