We know it is getting tough. April 2020 will not be going down in the history books as a time of joy, but its during these testing and generally crappy times that the power of music shines brighter than ever.

Despite watching your gig plans crumble before you, or worse performed on a live stream, you can take comfort in knowing we are all in the same shoddy boat. And on the bright side, the soundtrack to this apocalyptic month has been stellar.

Fiona Apple returned with the phenomenal Fetch the Bolt Cutters, The 1975 finally released the banger that is ‘If You’re Too Shy (Let me Know)’ and Manchester’s very own Everything Everything teased their return at the end of the month with ‘In Birdsong’.

It’s also been great to see our local scene continuing strong in the true nothern spirit with cracking releases from the likes of Self Esteem, Children of the State and Mr Ben & the Bens.

Listen to our playlist below or by clicking the headphone icon at the top of the page. Long live the music.

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Will Fisher

Journalism graduate from The University of Sheffield, all-round music dweeb, and mac 'n' cheese enthusiast.

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