Usually a month of celebration as Summer begins, June this month hasn’t felt quite as warm. Despite not being a month of joy, it has vitally been a month of discussion.

Black Lives Matter protests have forced the world to acknowledge issues which have too often been swept aside. It has also been Pride month of course – usually a time of mass celebration, which this year had to find new ways to celebrate.

Many of the tracks on this month’s playlist are influenced by June’s politics. And as is often the case: times of uncertainty have fuelled some incredible music.

With all this going on however we must not forget the uncertainty of our local music scene. While we have recently received the news of a 1.5 billion dollar lifeline for the arts industry – it is still a daily struggle for many of our favourite venues, communities and musicians here in the north.

With that in mind, make sure to support your local music scene. On this playlist we have some brilliant northern talent from the likes of Mr Ben and the Bens and Five Days North plus the return of Doves.

Listen below or click on the headphones at the top. Enjoy.



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Will Fisher

Journalism graduate from The University of Sheffield, all-round music dweeb, and mac 'n' cheese enthusiast.

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