Childcare are far from generic. Fronted by Ed Cares who was told to start a band by a six and eight year-old he was nannying and writing music about miss-timed kisses, film clubs and cross-dressing, the South London band have so far produced moments of magic in whatever they do.

Their Made Simple EP does what it says on the tin; turning humorous and awkward scenarios into simple, colourful tunes, filled with catchy pop hooks. ‘Dust’ deals with British negativity with words “I’ll never be famous, I’ll never be loved, ’cause soon we’ll all be dust” over zipping guitars, ‘Film Club’ is all about seeing a crush at a cinema and our previous Track Of The Week, ‘Kiss?’, recounts the time frontman Ed Cares went to innocently greet someone with a kiss only to be left hanging. By all means tragic scenarios but the perfect catalyst for their fuzzy indie-pop tunes. It’s these bonkers stories that lead us to question Ed’s events to look forward to in 2018 – the Essex paintball championships. Not to mention his New Year’s resolution of trying out gong bath; a form of meditation involving hitting big gongs.

They’ve now taken their absurdity to another level with the addictive ‘Getting Over You (By Dressing Up Like You)’ and brought everything crashing back down on the more heartfelt ‘Put Down Your Pen’ where Ed opens up “I know I’m giving up its true, but I need me more than I need you” over a more steady drum beat. It’s less frantic but equally as endearing, with bassist Emma Topolski offering whimsical backing vocals once more.

Having already supported Bastille in 2016 and released a truckload of killer tracks in 2017, we’re hoping Ed Cares and co. have more teeth-clenching personal experiences they don’t mind sharing with us in 2018.

For fans of: Little Comets, Peter Bjorn and John, Mystery Jets

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