Heck, it was a good day for music fans last Friday. It can often get dry this time of year. As Mariah and Bublé come creeping their way back into our life, the stream of new music begins to freeze over. But, not last Friday. No sir. It was no ordinary release day, but a tropical oasis of tunes, with something on offer for everyone.

We had the big release from The 1975. A record hipsters, skaters, scenesters and sad boys, (and probably even your grandma) all seem to be hating to love. Then we had the return of solo producer, songwriter and self made superwoman Grimes, with a track about AI overlords (of course). And last but very much least there was that album from Clean Bandit.

But they’ve all had enough spotlight. Here’s three scorchers from the week you might have missed in the madness.

Chlöe Howl – ‘Out of Luck’

The ludicrously underrated pop talent that is Chlöe Howl shared the wondrous Work EP this weekend. It features four firm floor fillers. ‘Losing Sleep’ and ‘Out of Luck’ are new releases following from ‘Work’ and ’23’ earlier in November. The 23-year-old who was shortlisted for the BBC Sounds of 2014 hasn’t had her big break. Not yet. But the patience is paying off. Howl has released some pure pop fire recently. She shares the same quality of relatability that some of the best pop albums of this decade have featured. Like Lorde, Swift and Charli XCX, she sings of parties, heartbreak and pain effortlessly, all while sustaining killer hooks and polished production. ‘Out of Luck’ is a ballsy break-up ballad that boasts all of the above. Check it out below.

Spector – ‘Even When You Pass My Way’

Receiving its first spin with Huw Stephens on BBC 6 Music last week, ‘Even When You Pass My Way’ was part of a surprise EP released at the weekend. The EP titled, Reloaded, features four brand new tracks. It follows from the Ex-Directory EP early this year which consisted of some of the band’s best work to date. Reloaded though is about new beginnings for the fearsome five piece. “We decided recently that we were now mature/old enough to write songs we actually knew how to record,” frontman Fred MacPherson explained on Stephens’ show. The brash indie sound from their debut has now transcended. ‘Even When You Pass My Way’ is far more reminiscent of second album Moth Boys. It has the same melancholy vibes but with added maturity. It seems like the Spector lads are coming of age and it sounds like heaven.

LIO – ‘Growing Pains’

The Netherlands born LIO (aka songwriter, Leonie Sloots) has been dominating the music scene of Sheffield, her home-away-from-home, since forming in 2016. Reminiscent of Daughter (especially with Sloots’ powerful vocal tone), LIO has recently become more of a band formation and they have been trialling an electronic sound with powerful percussion. And boy does it sound sweet. The ‘Growing Pains‘ single is more percussion heavy as oppose to electronic, but it sure is a beauty. Sloots’ voice gets all the focus it deserves and the lyricism is delicate, yearning and beautiful. “Please make me love myself,” Sloots sings before the euphoric chorus erupts. An equal measure of being accessible and astonishing, LIO are starting something special here.

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