With only a month left of summer our heads inevitably turn to the end of our favourite season. Sun, glitter and a cracking soundtrack are all swept under the carpet for another year, and we’re not just talking about Love Island leaving our screens. Of course we mean festival season, but before it’s over there’s still time to cram in one or two weekends of fun as well as these brand spanking trio of tracks released this past week. Could any of these hot new things be the Gabby to your Marcel?

Drones Club – ‘International’

Drones Club have been a firm favourite of ours for a while now and not just because they make face-meltingly colossal acid house. Everything they do is meticulously crafted and part of their unsubtle revolution to take over electronic music. ‘International’ is no different and takes little time to bubble to the surface. Backed by a video which must’ve taken several train delays to record (tut tut), but we’ll let them off for this belter. This synth-drenched number is best served loud through your earphones on a busy rush hour commute. Please mind the bass.

Charli XCX – ‘Boys’

Charli XCX doesn’t do boring pop. Just look at her non-stop party posts on Instagram or her thrusting performance at Glastonbury earlier this year. Love her or hate her, she keeps you on the edge of your seat and latest track ‘Boys’ might just be her most genius move yet. It’s the catchy, glitchy tune that we’ve come to expect but it’s the video featuring pretty much every big male name around right now (sorry, no Piers Morgan) which will rack up the Youtube hits. As she boasts about all the things she’d like to do with the opposite sex, there’s flashes of Stormzy eating cereal, Mark Ronson combing his hair and Diplo playing with puppies. It’s kind of the modern day Mambo No.5.

Nick Mulvey – ‘Mountain To Move’

“Wake up now, wake up now” echoes Mulvey in his latest track, the same words which make up his second album title. Previous Mulvey tracks have had us in awe as he lets the guitar and soft vocals do the work but in ‘Mountain To Move’ it’s the layered backing vocals and a kickstart attitude that’ll have you on your feet in seconds. Feel re-energised yet?

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Josh Shreeve

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