In a week when Friendly Fires and Brother, sorry Viva Brother, have both announced comebacks, we’re trying not to wet our 16-year-old indie pants and have decided to focus on a fresh crop of artists. We present to you our favourite three tracks of the week…

Gengahr – ‘Carrion’

A Dream Outside might have been one of 2015’s most underrated debut albums but London four-piece Gengahr are making sure they won’t go the next year unnoticed. It’s a return that they say sounds like nothing they’ve released before and they’re right. ‘Carrion’ races with frantic guitars and frontman Felix’s featherlight vocals have gotten more wiry and agitated to produce their most exciting track to date. To coincide with its release, they’ve announced a gig at modest venue Omeara in London but if this new sound is anything to go by, they’ll be moving onto bigger things in no time. – Josh Shreeve

Maggie Rogers – ‘Split Stones’ 

It’s like when the Wu-Tang Clan came out, no one could really judge it,” some overwhelming praise from Pharrell Williams after hearing Maggie Roger’s first single ‘Alaska’ at a masterclass in New York University. Fast forward a year from its official release date and the 23-year-old singer-songwriter from Maryland, is back with her unparalleled blend of dance music and deep-rooted Americana folk on ‘Split Stones’. The track has all the ingredients which left Pharrell hungry for more with her debut; it’s intricate yet accessible, fun yet poignant, and seasoned perfectly with a killer hook and chorus. Get feasting. – Will Fisher

Bad Sounds – ‘Hot Head Chippenham’

Earlier this month Bath five-piece Bad Sounds dropped their latest track ‘Living Alone’; the laid-back track your stay at home bummer of a younger brother would release. Now with ‘Hot Head Chippenham’, the second track from their forthcoming aptly titled Mixtape One, they’ve become even more endearing with their lackadaisical approach. With nonsense references to Harry Potter and Star Wars and a budget video shot on a BMX in front of a green screen, Bad Sounds banal everyday life is fuelling their addictive Brit pop-esque tracks. – Josh Shreeve

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