Well if it wasn’t your weekly smattering of new music joy… Back once again with a trio of tasty new tracks that have burrowed their way onto our playlists this week, maybe they’d fit in snug to yours too, no?

Rex Orange County – ‘Loving Is Easy (ft. Benny Sings)’

Having had a huge year, performing with Skepta at the Mercury Music Awards, featuring on Tyler The Creator’s recent album Flower Boy, and also releasing his solo project Apricot Princess, the talented young songwriter is back again with his new song ‘Loving Is Easy’. The song fuses light pianos and simplistic guitars, which bounce merrily alongside Rex’s dulcet tones. It showcases his talent to write a simple, yet infectious melody in what is one of the catchiest songs of the year. Much like it’s brilliant video, it’s a playfully light-hearted song that is quite simply easy to love. – Ben Robinson 

Beck – ‘Colors’

If you’re the kind of person who shudders when babies laugh and sees a slip and slide as a messy inconvenience then you probably won’t enjoy Beck’s new album. ‘Colors’ is utter fun from start to finish, bursting from the get go with its latest single and title track. It has the same spring in its step as 2015’s ‘Dreams’ and similarly wonky pan pipes to last year’s ‘WOW,’ making it the boldest track in Beck’s recent catalogue. Appealing to all the senses, the artist has also released an accompanying video of more fluorescent slime than you’d find in Dave Benson Phillip’s storeroom. Turn this one up, loud. – Josh Shreeve

Eastern Barbers – ‘Milk’

Winter in London can often be a dark and grey affair, and with the cold fast approaching, South East London based band Eastern Barbers have managed to capture the Capitals gloom on new single ‘Milk’. The track is lined with delicate guitar and drum work, and eerie vocals that augment the songs hollow feel, painting this picture of the bleak city that surrounds them. The whole piece is wonderfully haunting and while lead singer Ross Fernandez’s lyrical chanting of “keep my head down and mind my own business” suggests he does’t want attention, ‘Milk’ proposes that Eastern Barbers certainly deserve some. – Ben Robinson