We’re back! And what better way to celebrate than with this week’s hottest picks for your playlist. This trio of terrific tunes features Robyn’s heroic return after 10 years, the fierce comeback from dynamic duo Nimmo and the contemplative new track from soul-pop supremo Love Ssega.

Robyn – ‘Honey’

Scandinavia’s biggest pop export since ABBA, returns in style after a decade away from solo material. Robyn’s succulent and sensational, ‘Honey’ oozes charm and confidence. “You’re not gonna get what you need, but I have what you want,” Robyn sings over a subtle yet surging beat. It is the second track to be released prior to her album release of the same name, coming October 26. The album will be premiered with a secret gig in a mystery location which you can win by playing the specially crafted app game. With ‘Honey’ and the already released, ‘Missing U’ – a heartbreak club classic, Robyn is making clear she is back in business.

Nimmo – ‘Orange Skies’

Nimmo are not letting their separation from a label major slow them down. If anything the dancefloor duo are taking leaps forwards, seizing the opportunity to experiment. ‘Orange Skies’ is a beacon of this new found creative independence. The track is the first from the upcoming EP, Songs for the Credits. And much like the EP title suggests, ‘Orange Skies’ is a song contemplative of endings and morality. While this track may hint to a darker progression for the duo, their best elements still remain. The refined tone of Sarah Nimmo for instance is still prevalent as is the big beat percussion.

Love Ssega – ‘City King’

Once heavily involved with Clean Bandit and featuring on their breakthrough release ‘Mozart’s House’, Love Ssega chose to take his own path in music. ‘City King’ is a leap away from his cloud 9 dance vibes found on the 2015 EP ‘Minds’. The track is an honest look into the anxiety and frustrations felt by the South Londoner. The track addresses the struggles of living in a bustling urban jungle, often full of chaos and calamity. “I have to keep smiling like its not what it seems. And no one can hear me if no one’s awake,” he sings over melancholy piano chords and a contrasting jubilant percussion. An honest, open and exciting return from the soulful sounds of Ssega.

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