We’re serving you up three more delicious new tracks from the past week from a trio of artists who couldn’t be more different. They’re all ear worms though.

Strong Asian Mothers – ‘Hard To Find’

About a year ago three young men under the guise of ‘Strong Asian Mothers’ released a cover of En Vogue’s ‘What’s It Gonna Be’. It was a statement of intent; both the London trio’s bold name and choice of cover, but it pricked up the ears of many sniffing around online for the next quirky band. Roll forward twelve months and after two EPs, the boys are back with an original hit of their own. ‘Hard To Find’ is wonderfully glitchy, with a chorus that bangs and shakes off any pre-conceptions that this band ought not to be taken seriously. Sure they’re having fun, but they’ve got some fire power behind them. – Josh Shreeve

Banks – ‘Underdog’

Speaking with Zane Lowe on Beats 1, banks explained how the inspiration behind ‘Underdog’ was ignited from a “really ferocious mood.” This ferocity is by no means subtle; the track features heavy, stabbing synths courtesy of producer Al Shux (of previous single ‘Fuck With Myself’) and in case that wasn’t clear enough, she literally barks like a Rottweiler in the chorus. While the track may be red with anger, it’s noticeably lighter than the contained mysterious sound we have come to expect of Banks. “There’s a beast inside of me that I haven’t let out fully, but I’m allowing it to poke its head above water a little bit more” she told Lowe. If the beast does emerge than you had better beware, because Banks isn’t messing around. – Will Fisher

Isaac Gracie – ‘One Night’

Isaac Gracie seem to prematurely go quiet after his 2016 track ‘Terrified’, but last month came roaring back with the Tarantino-esque ‘The Death of You and I’. It’s shares the same title of his new EP, fetauring thre other fresh cuts, including mystical pan-pipe led ‘One Night’. He seems to have avoided the slippery slope of falling into the ‘man with a guitar’ stereotype, this time teaming up with producer Mura Masa who’s giving him that alternative edge. Fans of James Bay and Kodaline will lap this up but there’s also room for the more musically astute to appreciate Gracie’s work here. – Josh Shreeve



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