Courts take us on a journey in video for ‘No Lie’


How far would you go to see your favourite band? Take a sweaty tube ride across London? Maybe even sit in traffic to reach the other side of the UK? But would you travel all the way from another country just to see a set which only lasts the best part of an hour?

Well, one group of ‘super fans’ did when they drove all the way from Amsterdam to Court’s gig at the Finsbury in North London earlier this year. In true Courts fashion, the group of Dutch lads went armed with a crackly camcorder to produce a video for the Essex band’s latest track ‘No Lie’.

Despite being backed by Beats 1 and releasing a string of infectious tracks, Courts gigs are still few and far between, so it was probably worth the travel fare for the devoted fans. Watch below to see the video for ‘No Lie’ including the quickest channel crossing you will ever see.

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Josh Shreeve

Director of VLM and radio man at Forge Radio. Studies journalism at the University of Sheffield.

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